Project Name:

Two Laning with paved shoulder of Tindivanam – Krishnagiri Section of NH-66 from km 38.150 to km 216.210 on BOT (Annuity) basis under NHDP Phase-III in the State of Tamil Nadu.


NH-66 runs through Pondicherry – Thiruchitrabalam - Kiliyanur - Tindivanam - Vallam - Gingee - Pennathur - Tiruvannamalai - Pachal - Chengam - Singarapettai - Uthangarai - Samalpatti - Mathur - Kannandahalli - Krishnagiri while NH-45 or Grand Southern Trunk Road runs through Trichy to Chennai.

Krishnagiri - Tindivanam project site starts at chainage 120+453 on NH-45, which is a proposed bypass of 4.699 km for Tindivanam town and meets at chainage 42+435 on NH-66 an existing road. The total length of the road is 182.182 km, which includes 9 bypasses.

Technical Data:

  • Total Project Cost – 624.20 Cr.
  • Length – 182.182 Km
  • Proposed Configuration: 2-lane with paved shoulder
  • Present Configuration : 2-lane

Project in Brief:

The National Highway No.66 originates from Pondicherry, the Capital City of the Union Territory of Pondicherry and passes through Tindivanam, Gingee, Pennathur, Tiruvannamalai, Chengam, Singarapettai, Uthangarai and Mathur. The total length of the National Highway is approximately 214kms. The project road passes through Villupuram, Tiruvannamalai and Krishnagiri districts of Tamilnadu State.

The study project deals with the Tindivanam – Tiruvannamalai – Krishnagiri section of NH-66 to a total length of 182.182kms under Contract Package No.NHDP-III/DL4/21. The project road starts at Km. 120/453 of NH 45 and ends at km 214/110 at Krishnagiri, where it merges with the Krishnagiri - Chennai section of NH-46 at km 1/400 of NH-46. The NH-66 road start from Pondicherry to Tindivanam stretch from Km 0/00 to 38/620 is widened to 4 lane standards. The NH-45 bypass for Tindivanam town

intersects the Pondicherry-Tindivanam NH-66 Road at Km 37/600. From this point the NH-66 will continues by utilizing the NH-45 Bypass towards north side and intersects the NH-45 at its Km 120/453. The Tindivanam bypass starts at KM 120/453 of NH-45. Hence, the starting point of NH-66 is kept as 37/600 at Km 120/453 of NH- 45 as the starting point of Tindivanam – Krishnagiri stretch by neglecting the overlapping length of NH-45 bypass.